We love clean energy
Optimum engineering solutions

Azur Power Technologies, one of Europe's leading integrated solar energy companies operating in the area of turnkey installation services and PV module production offers a wide range of solar energy solutions to commercial and retail users.

The highest quality standards are ensured in both standard and glass-glass solar panel production through the use of Multi Busbar, PERC, Half Cut Cell and Bi-Facial cell technologies on our cutting-edge automatic production lines. Our module production factory is located in Kocaeli, Turkey on 23.500 square meter enclosed area and has an annual capacity of 1.200MW.





We take quality as a whole and carry out all our activities from panel production to shipment with our understanding of high standards of quality. Thanks to our understanding of quality, which is an outcome of our customer satisfaction-oriented approach, we guarantee that our products and services will always meet the expectations at the same standards.


We work with the understanding of value engineering from production to installation so that all our processes run at optimum efficiency. With this understanding, we develop an engineering strategy that will perfect the triangle of performance, quality and cost, and reveal our perspective that adds value to the industry. So, we produce “value” for the future.

We believe that all our partners have a big share in our development and we share our culture
Our Vision

As one of the leading investment and engineering companies in the field of renewable energy, our vision is; adhering to optimum engineering solutions to create a company culture that will provide the best service to our customers and investors.

Our Mission

To realize the growth that creates an impact in the solar energy sector by differentiating, to ensure continuous corporate development by taking into account the stakeholder values, to support economic development by contributing to domestic production, to create value for the world with the goal of a green future.